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Audi launched the new highly intelligent A6–capable of making two thousand decisions a second. On the cusp of this launch, AKQA decided to focus on the state of America's roads. Audi and AKQA want to make the road a more intelligent place.

The Road Frustration Index (RFI) is a initiative launched by Audi in partnership with the SENSEable City Lab at M.I.T. and AKQA that aims to quantify factors that lead to driver frustration–such as traffic, incidents, weather and driver sentiment. The ultimate goal is to use data to help motorists gain a better sense of the driving conditions surrounding them in major metropolitan areas. This representation is the first stage of an ongoing study. Data sources will be fine-tuned over time.

This year long partnership is meant to be a way to analyze the condition of today's roads. The hope is to discover key issues and draw up solutions to improving America's roads and making it a safer place for all motorists. The impact of this research is testament to Audi's commitment to truth in engineering.

The design of the Road Frustration Index was initially started by Takashi Kawashima. I took over the design and guided it into development.

Audi and AKQA want to make the road a more intelligent place.

The outcome of the site is considerable. Thirty thousand visits within the first one and a half months, with an average time on the site at four point one three seconds. One in two users with deep engagement averaging seven point zero seven minutes on the site. Coverage of the Road Frustration Index on CNBC, Fast Company and Auto Blog.

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